Thank You To Everyone Who Has Contributed Thus Far

Amongst many generous donations we have received to date, primarily our sincere thanks go to:


  • Milton Wong for enabling us to exist!
  • The North Shore Community Foundation who helped us to create the website in 2004; and subsequently Summer Camp weekends for 'The Fellowship of the Gift.'
  • The Loyal Protestant Association for major contributions to the Bursary fund.
  • Trish Hann of Three Dimensional Services Ltd. for our logo.
  • Paddy Carson, Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator.
  • Michael Speerbrecker Construction, Revelstoke.
  • Gerry Grant, Davis Dyslexia Association Specialist (retired)
  • Glenn Bailey - The Bailey Group
  • ICBC Staff
  • BC Liquor Stores customers
  • Joseph Jawhari - Pink Lime
  • Davis Dyslexia and Autism Facilitators Association of Canada
  • Denny Wong, Website Manager
  • John McCulloch, Chairman for our early years.
  • The North Vancouver Lions Club
  • Hazel James
  • Nicholas Joe