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A 1.5 hour interactive talk where we share the cause, the theory, the dynamics behind dyslexia, and over 50 so-called learning disabilities.  There will be time for Questions and Answers. This will support you in understanding individuals with 'the gift of dyslexia', whether you are an adult with dyslexia, or if you parent/teach children with this 'gift'.   

Book a Two Part Professional Development Day Presentation For Your School


Professional Development Day (Part 1)

1.5 hours: provides the theory, the dynamics, and an overview of the methods that can reach the source of the learning challenges, to correct them, rather than treat the symptoms. It also outlines strategies which have been developed to teach basic literacy skills in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes and thereby prevent the difficulties from arising.


Professional Development Day (Part 2)

1 hour: offers a fun, hands-on experience of giving words 3D meaning!  True knowledge is experience, and a fun experience is memorable.


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