Fundraise to provide Bursaries for the programs we endorse (all Davis Dyslexia Correction programs and Davis Autism Approach programs) to ensure they are available to everyone regardless of financial status.  We believe these methods reach the cause of the challenges and bring about self-reliance rather than dependence on accommodations and we believe everyone is entitled to that opportunit

To improve awareness and clarity of what dyslexia really is via Public Outreach (free public talks, Conference information sessions, radio, TV, this website and social media). There is much confusion and many misconceptions surrounding a multitude of so-called learning disabilities. We maintain every individual is learning able, some just don't learn the way they are taught, or are currently remediated.  All that is needed is knowledge and a shift in perception;  


Our approach is unique in addressing the whole individual and their innate 'gift' of altering perception.  It is therefore important to maintain a strong, supportive Community of like-minded individuals, parents and teachers, via dinners, camps, and activity days. 


To champion a Preventative approach; Davis Learning Strategies, so that every child, from the moment they enter school, has an equal opportunity to fulfill their full potential.  Currently our education system is geared to the verbal conceptualiser, leaving the non-verbal thinker to struggle.  It is possible to reach both ways of thinking with one method, and if used from Kindergarten, the challenges have no reason to occur.