We believe it is important for those children with ‘the gift’ to get together and be with like minds as much as possible.  At school they often feel isolated, segregated and very different.  One of the children decided to call our efforts “The Fellowship of the Gift”.   We began with a daily summer camp week, and then progressed to a summer camp week on Bowen Island.  

Since those early beginnings we have enjoyed activities such as: llama trekking, kayaking, snow shelter building, snowshoeing, claymation filming, high ropes, low ropes, rappelling, swimming, team building, shelter building, archery, canoeing, sky diving (in a wind tunnel), wide games, campfires and lots of gaga ball !

Our current goal is to take children and parents on a Family Summer Camp weekend in June. We find that the parents really enjoy the opportunity to share their similar experiences too.